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Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Do you wish to increase your staff’s productivity and customer satisfaction? If so, then having a functional and properly maintained air conditioning system can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.

Here at BAC services, we provide premium commercial air conditioning services, and rank among the top AC service providers in Brisbane. Whether you want AC installation, maintenance, or repair services, we are here for you.

Problems Associated with Working in a Hot and Stuffy Environment

Staff Demotivation

If your staff work under extremely humid temperatures, they will develop fatigue and illnesses, making them unfocused and sluggish.

To achieve employees’ optimal productivity, ensure your AC system is in good condition, and the working environment remains cool at all times.

Unhappy Customers

A humid environment will be uncomfortable for your clients. It can also make the clients grumpy and create a bad impression of your business.

To achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction, schedule regular AC maintenance with us, and we’ll ensure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape.

Noise Distraction

An old or poorly maintained AC system can be very noisy and distracting to employees. It can also affect how they normally perform their daily tasks.

You should arrange regular AC unit maintenance to allow workers to maintain their focus and perform optimally.

Increased Costs

A poorly- maintained air conditioner is bad for business. When your air conditioner is down, you’ll have to rely on expensive fans to cool down your premises.

To reduce cost, ensure your AC unit is in good condition at all times. Also, have it checked immediately in case of a malfunction.

We Can Help

At BAC services, we understand how important it is for your customers and employees to stay cool and comfortable. Because of this, we offer:

Air Conditioning Installation Services

We provide commercial air conditioning systems installation for commercial properties, shopping centres, hotels, etc.

Whether you want to install a split system or ducted system air conditioning unit, we can help. And if you are looking to build a new commercial property, we can help with designing and installing a cost-effective air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

A routinely serviced and maintained air conditioning system can operate at peak performance for many years.

Maintenance allows small faults to be detected before they become serious problems. When you schedule regular maintenance, you will cut costs on extensive repair and energy bills, and your staff will be happy and productive all year long.

Our maintenance service covers all the core parts of your air conditioning system. In addition, we’ll diagnose your air conditioning unit and issue you detailed and updated information on how your system is working.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

We highly recommend you work with our skilled technicians for professional AC repairs.

Here are some of the air conditioning repair services we offer here at BAC:

· Air filter replacement
· Humidity control
· Thermostat repair
· Ductwork repair
· Refrigerant replacement

Here’s What You Should Expect from Our Commercial AC Services

Excellent Service

We strive to deliver services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to offering you 100% customer satisfaction. No excuses.

Quick Response

We are fully equipped to offer quick and professional 24 hours customer support and respond to all your inquiries.

Up Front Pricing

We believe in giving you honest and transparent upfront pricing; there are no hidden charges to our services.

Contact BAC Services for Quality Air Conditioning Services

Want to increase productivity and save money on your commercial property? Contact the certified experts at BAC services. We are quick, responsive, professional, and always seek to give our clients quality installation, maintenance, and repair services. Get in touch today and book an appointment.

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