Air Conditioning Virginia

Air Conditioning Virginia

At BAC Services, our top priority is to provide high-quality customer service to our customers in Virginia, Queensland, and the surrounding areas. Our air conditioning services include assessment of your home before installation, installation servicing of heating and air conditioning systems, and maintenance & repairs of residential and commercial buildings.

    Installing a new air conditioning system involves many different factors. We see poorly installed systems all the time, resulting in high energy costs, loud noises, and inefficient cooling and heating capabilities.

    At BAC services, our fully licensed and certified technician team uses the latest techniques and technology to install your HVAC system without any faults. We’re so confident that we’ll get it right the first time that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and all of our systems are under warranty.

    Air conditioning installations require a thorough investigation of your home or office to determine the proper type and size air conditioning system that best suits your property. We evaluate electrical wiring, insulation, and floor plans to help you understand which systems will deliver the best cooling at a reasonable price.

    An air conditioner installer will then implement the proper system seamlessly, check that it’s working optimally, and offer further assistance after installation by advising you how to maintain the efficiency of your system.

    Air conditioning repairs and maintenance can range from routine cleanings and inspections to repair of refrigerant leaks, poor airflow, loud systems, and systems that turn on and off.

    If your system is causing excess humidity, this can affect the air quality of your home, leading to bacteria and mould growth that can negatively affect your health. With services and repairs, we can restore the climate control of your home.

    Air Conditioning Virginia | BAC Services

    Types of Air Conditioning

    Split System – Split system air conditioners keep your home quiet while delivering cold air to certain rooms. They’re easy to install and are operated by remote control.

    Energy-efficient options: Opt for a reverse cycle split system to heat and cool your home with the same system all year round. Multi-split systems are great for cooling multiple rooms in your house.

    We carry a variety of split systems, including:

    • Multi-split systems
    • Single split systems
    • Reverse cycle split systems
    • Floor-mounted split systems
    • Wall-mounted split systems
    • Ceiling-mounted split systems

    Ducted – Do you have a large open floor plan with multiple floors? Then a ducted air conditioning system is likely the best option for you. They’re powerful, energy-efficient, and can cool an entire house with ease. Best of all, the ducts stay hidden behind the ceiling for an unobtrusive aesthetic.

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    If you’re looking for a new and improved HVAC system in Virginia, Queensland but aren’t entirely sure what your home or office needs, our expert technicians can come out to assess your building and make recommendations.

    With expert error-free installation and 24/7 assistance for maintenance and repairs, you can count on us around the clock for all of your heating and cooling needs. Contact us at BAC Services today.

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