Air Conditioning Murarrie

Air Conditioning Murarrie

The air conditioner in your home plays a vital role in keeping your family comfortable indoors throughout the seasons. When it malfunctions or breaks down, it can be frustrating. At BAC Services, we are dedicated to keeping your family comfortable by providing reliable air conditioning services, including installation, maintenance and repairs servicing. 

Our goal is to take the stress of AC servicing and give you the peace of mind you deserve. The air con services we offer in Murarrie include:

    BAC Services is widely known in Australia as an industry leader in high-quality installation service. All our installation work is guaranteed to be professional and legally compliant, so you don’t have to worry about quality. Furthermore, we understand that different installation projects have varying needs. We tailor our quotations and services to ensure you get what you need.

    Air Conditioning Murarrie| BAC Services

    If your air conditioning unit isn’t working as it should, our crew will come to your home for evaluation. We’ll inspect your AC to determine the issue and recommend the best solution. If a repair can fix the problem, we’ll ensure we do it correctly within the shortest time possible.

    At BAC Services, we are equipped and always ready to handle any type of air conditioner repair needs in your home. Call us right away if your AC is leaking water, or refrigerant makes weird noises, has poor airflow, or randomly turns off and on.

    Types of Air Conditioning

    There are many types of air conditioning systems you need to be aware of before you start shopping for your next air conditioner. The most popular ones include split systems and ducted aircon:

    Split Systems

    A split system is designed with both indoor and outdoor systems that are secured with copper tubing. The outdoor unit holds the compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit holds the evaporator coil, filters, furnace, and an air handler that transfers cool air across the duct system.

    Split systems can be either ductless or ducted systems. Ducted AC units use ductwork to distribute warm air generated from your heat pump or furnace. On the other hand, ductless multi splits use small air handlers situated in designated places within your home to cool and heat specific spaces.

    Ducted Systems

    Ducted systems are designed for efficiency and high performance. They provide an air conditioning solution that ensures year-round evaporative cooling and heating without weighing down your operating costs.

    In addition, these reverse cycle systems can be tailored according to preferences for optimal efficiency. At BAC Services, we carry a comprehensive line of ducted air systems that can be individualised to suit your home’s heating and cooling needs.

    Contact BAC Services Today

    Looking for a reputable aircon technician in Murarrie? Look no further than BAC Services. We handle any aircon installation, repair, and maintenance services, and we can get your system up and running within no time.

    Contact us online or call us at 1300 968 194 if you wish to install a new HVAC system or replace an old one.

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