Air Conditioning Bray Park

Air Conditioning Bray Park

BAC Services is a leader in providing air conditioning services across the area of Brisbane, from Bray Park to Geebung, Carseldine, and Aspley. We pride ourselves with the high-quality services guaranteed by over 20 years of experience in the domain, backed by continuous training and expertise in the latest available HVAC technologies.

We have a stellar team of highly skilled air conditioning specialists who will work fast and get the best result for your particular needs. When contacting us, we ask the right questions, in order to understand what you need in terms of cooling and warming, the characteristics of your space, the budget we can work with and older air conditioning systems we might have to replace or repair.

After a preliminary discussion, you will get a reliable cost estimate and we will explain what type of air con system would work best for you. In case of an HVAC emergency, we are available 24/7 and can intervene in time to minimise any damage.

    Do you need air conditioning installers in Bray Park or nearby? Send a booking request via our website or call us, and our best workers will be sent to assess the situation and to get your new HVAC system running in no time. We supply and install all types of air con for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

    Our professional service includes consultations, assessments, electrical services, repairs of previous installations, new installations, and future maintenance or repair services. With each project, we focus on high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service, which makes us one of the best local companies in Brisbane.

    We highly recommend preventing all kinds of issues you might have with your HVAC system, by maintaining it regularly. Air conditioning repairs might still be inevitable with older systems or units that have been overworked or improperly fitted in your home or commercial space.

    We handle air conditioner repair professional services and aim to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit as much as possible.

    Air Conditioning Bray Park | BAC Services

    Types of Air Conditioning

    There are countless types of HVAC solutions on the market: solar power systems, gas fitters for heating, hot water systems, etc. If you are browsing for a new HVAC system, here are the main types of air-con systems we work with: split system and ducted air con.

    Split System

    Split systems and multi-split systems air conditioners are ideal for modern homes where you need the temperature to be controlled for every room or area of the house.


    Ducted air conditioning systems are great for big homes and for owners who don’t want bulky units showing in every room. Duct systems have to be fit by professionals and maintained regularly to keep performing within parameters.


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