Air Conditioning Ascot

Air Conditioning Ascot

BAC Services is the leading HVAC company serving the Ascot area. From home cooling and heating services to repairs and services on your existing system, our technicians are always available 24/7.

No job is too big or too small for us, as we can clean your air filters, install a new system, or replace damaged equipment. Whether you need your air conditioning system installed or serviced, we always provide our customers with upfront affordable pricing.

    If you’re looking for expert advice on the proper type and size of air conditioning system for your particular home or commercial property, our certified technicians will inspect your property to determine if a split, ducted, or multi-split system is the best fit.

    We’ll work with you to determine what your budget restraints are and how many rooms you’d like to be cooled. Air-conditioner installation is important to get right so you shouldn’t trust a company that blindly agrees to install a system without inspecting your home first. We supply and install air conditioners from the most reputable brands, such as Mitsubishi Electric.

    Commercial – Let’s face it, no one wants to work in a building that’s hot, humid, and has poor air quality. Comfortable temperatures are much more important than most people think.

    It’s more difficult to focus and stay productive when all you can think about is how hot or cold you feel. Even if you do have an HVAC system, ensuring that it’s good quality and efficient system is just as important.

    Residential – Our technicians will promptly show up to your home, analyze your electrical wiring, airflow, and the size of your house to make system recommendations that fit within your budget.

    Once approved, we’ll install the system and inspect it for efficiency, airflow, and proper temperatures. After we have the system installed, we’ll go over maintenance protocols so you can extend the lifespan of your system and keep it in good condition.


    We recommend having your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. It’s important to keep air filters clean and have old ones replaced to maintain good air quality and efficient operation of your air conditioner.

    If you’re experiencing any problems cooling or heating your home with your current system, our technicians will come out to inspect the system’s parts, clean filters and clear units of debris, as well as address any leaks or replace any faulty parts.

    Air Conditioning Ascot | BAC Services

    Types of Air Conditioning

    Split System – Split system air conditioners cool a specific room. Wall split systems are one of the most common air conditioning solutions in Australia due to their discreet design, ease of installation, and efficiency.

    Ducted System – It’s crucial that a ducted system is properly installed. You can trust our expert experienced technicians to properly install your ducted air conditioning system without any errors and we’ll show you how to extend its lifespan once it’s installed.

    Enjoy the ability to cool or heat your entire house or create zones to alter the temperature in specific rooms all through ducts that are completely invisible and hidden within the roof.

    Reverse Cycle – Both our split and ducted systems are available as exclusive cooling air conditioners or reverse cycle air conditioners. While an AC only system will only cool your building, a reverse cycle air conditioner can provide heating during the Winter with the same system by pulling in outside air, transferring it inside, and using the refrigerant line to cool or heat the air for year-round comfort.

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    At BAC Services, you can always expect professional cooling solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re interested in the installation or maintenance of HVAC systems in Ascot, call us at 1300 968 194 or contact us online today.

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