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BAC Services are the leading experts in the delivery of residential air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, and mechanical services across Brisbane.

BAC Services has over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of highly skilled and professional HVAC technicians offer world-class expertise, quality installations and outstanding results.

We’re approachable and easy to work with, pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and strive to innovate and consistently improve our work standards to be better than the rest.

Why Choose BAC Services?

We are the most flexible and experienced air conditioning service in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. No job is too big or small for us. We’ll take care of everything from installing new air conditioner units to repairing your current ones. All at a fair price with excellent customer satisfaction guaranteed.

All our technicians are fully licensed and trained with years of experience. You can trust our air conditioning specialists to take care of your needs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does air conditioning actually cost to run?

    This one really varies wildly, depending on what size air conditioning unit you have- brand, energy rating, insulation in the home/room, and amount of hours it runs in the day or night.

    Ensuring it’s sized correctly for the room and its conditioning is important as well.

    • Under sizing the AC can force it to forever run at full capacity generating large power bills.
    • While oversizing the AC can cause it to cool a room down quickly, forcing it to continually stop and start, putting stress on mechanical components, and leading to a shortened lifespan.

    Inverter technology is essential to keep running costs down. This allows an aircon to vary its speed/ capacity, consuming less power as the room comes down in temperature. It also starts softly, which saves power, energy efficient, puts less stress on mechanical components, and runs silently.

    Traditional AC is a fixed speed, they run only one speed (100% capacity), so they are either on or off and therefore chew power, wear out faster, and are louder.

    How long do air conditioners last?

    Make sure your air conditioner is serviced annually to lengthen its lifespan. Keep clean filters and keep stress off the fan, keeping drain lines clear prevents water leaks that can cause the aircon to rust and damage ceilings. When ACs cool they produce condensation, so it’s important to inspect them internally and have them cleaned so they stay mould free and circulate clean air. 

    AC manufacturers usually provide a warranty of 5-6 years from the installation date, but typically an air conditioner will last 7-10 years, sometimes more depending on the service rate and environment it’s in.

    What size air conditioner do I need?

    Air conditioner size depends on the room size, insulation in ceiling/ walls, window sizes, and room orientation. For instance, a north facing room with large floor to ceiling windows would require more cooling capacity compared to a south facing room with a small window. 

    Typically a standard size bedroom will require a 2.0 – 2.5 kW AC, and a standard size living space will need a 5.0kw – 7.0kw AC system.

    If you want more information about sizing please contact us via email or call 1300 968 194.

    How soon can you install my new air conditioner?

    48-hour turnaround

    If you want more information about our installation services please contact us via email or call 1300 968 194.

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